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[ Statement from Jamie Williams about Clean Energy Future of Public Lands ]

Anastasia Greene

“We are heartened to see that President Obama is focusing on clean energy as part of building an enduring environmental legacy in the last 18 months of his presidency, and the Clean Power Plan is a good start,” said Jamie Williams, president of the Wilderness Society

[ Statement from The Wilderness Society regarding Blythe Mesa California solar project approval ]

Anastasia Greene

An announcement to approve the Blythe Mesa Solar Power Project was made just as the eighth annual Clean Energy Summit kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

[ Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Call for New Monuments in the California Desert Timely and Broadly Supported ]

Max Greenberg

The Wilderness Society and the Campaign for the California Desert commend Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for calling on President Obama to designate the Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains national monuments, safeguarding i

[ Draft plan for Moab region is a stride toward a 21st century management program ]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently unveiled its Moab Master Leasing plan, which could guide energy development away from sensitive areas that are too wild to drill, including some of Utah’s most beloved landscapes like Arches and


[ What you need to know before President Obama speaks at the National Clean Energy Summit ]

President Obama will headline Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s eighth annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.


[ Enjoy free park entry for 99th anniversary of National Park Service! ]

The National Park Service will celebrate its 99th anniversary this month by waiving the entrance fee at all 408 of its parks, monuments and other sites, a prelude to the agency’s centennial celebration in 2016.  


[ DotGreen & EarthShare Announce Inaugural Grant – The Ocean Fund ]

DotGreen & EarthShare

Internet Company Behind .Green Partners with EarthShare on Initiatives Benefitting Global Sustainability

Inaugural Grant of $10,000 goes to Surfrider Foundation to Support Clean Water Initiatives

LARKSPUR, CA /CSRwire/ – DotGreen Community, Inc., stewards of the Internet’s new .green Top-Level Domain (TLD) and EarthShare, a non-profit federation that partners with business and employees to develop innovative programs offering dynamic environmental philanthropic and learning opportunities, today announced a $10,000 grant to the Surfrider Foundation based in San Clemente, CA. The grant is to support the Surfrider Foundation’s Clean Water Initiative, a suite of complementary programs, campaigns and tools that the network of Surfrider chapters use to improve ocean water quality in coastal communities and ecosystems in the U.S.

DotGreen is a Partner of EarthShare

The funding for the grant was provided by DotGreen Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2008 to receive a percentage of revenue from the sales and renewals of .green domain names by DotGreen Community, Inc. DotGreen has partnered with EarthShare to collaborate on a grants program to support sustainability projects around the world.

“It’s critical to the ultimate success of the green movement that the global environmental community, including the organizations, scientists and educators on the front lines, is able to participate in the economic benefits of the growing green economy and the expansion of the Internet,” said Annalisa Roger, DotGreen Community’s Founder and CEO.

Surfrider’s Clean Water Initiative provides ways to protect local water supplies and prevent pollution from reaching our ocean, waves and beaches. Upstream, Surfrider works in communities to educate and advocate for sensible and effective water management solutions like water conservation and water recycling. Downstream, Surfrider focuses on water quality by testing the waters for bacteria and toxins, raising public awareness and finding real solutions to ocean pollution.

“DotGreen’s grant is important support for our work in protecting our coasts, so it is safe to surf, swim and play in the ocean,” says Steve Blank, Director of Development for Surfrider. “And their broader mission of connecting the green community by harnessing the power of the Internet with .green will give us all on the environmental front a more powerful voice.”

About EarthShare: EarthShare helps strengthen corporations and organizations by connecting hundreds of thousands of individuals, companies and public agencies with environmental and conservation groups through employee engagement and giving campaigns at workplaces across the United States. In the past 20 years EarthShare has raised $300 million for more than 500 national and local member charities. Connect – Contribute – Volunteer

Surfrider Foundation has evolved into one of the largest non-profit grassroots organizations dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. With 84 chapters, plus 30 high school and college clubs, and more than 250,000 supporters, volunteers and activists around the country, the Surfrider Foundation is working on about 100 different campaigns in four core areas: beach access, clean water, coastal preservation (coastal development) and ocean protection.

DotGreen Community, Inc., with roots in the Northern California environmental movement and Silicon Valley innovation and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was founded in 2007 to support the green movement. DotGreen Community, Inc. manages and markets the new domain address, .green, and donates a percentage of the sales and renewals of ,green domain names to organizations supporting sustainability around the world. Visit www.dotgreencommunity.green for more information. Follow us on Twitter @DotGreenTLD and like us on Facebook at DotGreen Community, Inc.

The DotGreen Foundation is a California based US tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Public Charity focused on supporting global projects and education aimed at sustainability. DotGreen Foundation has partnered with both The DotGreen Community, Inc. and with EarthShare for trusted global distribution of .green domain name registration contributions. Donations from the public can also be made directly at www.foundation.green.



[ EPA releases first ever plan to reduce methane emissions, BLM plan for public lands expected soon ]

New guidelines released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would have lasting benefits for our health and our climate by reducing wasteful emissions of methane during oil and natural gas production.


[ Shell drilling permit is weak on safety measures ]

Tim Woody

In response to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s issuance today of a modified permit allowing Royal Dutch S

[ Coal Reform Timeline ]

Aug 17, 2015

Timeline: depicting the calls to reform the federal coal program since the Linowes Commission.