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[ Climate Changed: A warming world will shape wilderness and our future ]

In a new graphic novel titled Climate Changed, Philippe Squarzoni has written a compelling account of his personal journey through climate change science, explaining in simple terms the significance of a c

[ Dire UN Climate Reports Raise Questions About Global Willpower ]

Influential climate reports point to a pivotal moment in global warming diplomacy.

[ UN Climate Report Charts Ways to Halt Global Warming ]

Time is running out to undertake technological and economic fixes to halt dangerous global warming, warns an international report.

[ National Parks Week offers wild fun – find out which days offer free admission ]

National Parks are the treasures of America, which is why every year a whole week is dedicated to honor all the wonder and adventure they bring to our lives.


[ Americans choose energy conservation over production, says new Gallup poll ]

Americans still favor energy conservation over oil, gas and coal production, says a


[ What we are asking for: a plan to fund conservation ]

In Congressional testimony offered on April 10, The Wilderness Society laid out funding  recommendations for the Interior Department and other agencies for the coming fiscal year.


[ Nigerians Face Fuel Shortages In the Shadow of Plenty ]

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil-producing country, citizens have faced fuel shortages for weeks amid charges of government mismanagement.

[ Friday mystery wild photo ]

The correct answer is Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, Calif.

It’s no wonder that Ansel Adams so often photographed this iconic Californian land. Yosemite boasts gorgeous meadows, towering sequoias and rock formations like quintessential half dome.


[ Nearly two dozen national park sites ban plastic water bottle sales ]

The environmental impact of bottled water is astounding.


[ Why wildland lovers should care about the International Climate Change Report ]

We knew that climate change was already wreaking havoc on our public lands, but what we didn’t know was how widespread that damage actually is.