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[ Nevada’s “Basin and Range” set to be protected permanently? ]

Just a couple hours’ drive from Las Vegas, the Basin and Range area comprises Garden Valley and Coal Valley as well as corridors connecting the surrounding Timpahute, Pahroc, Worthington,


[ Grand Junction RMP a failure for conservation and backcountry recreation ]

Neil Shader

A new proposed Resource Management Plan for Colorado’s Grand Junction field office fails to protect hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness quality lands and threatens popular outdoor recreation opportunities, according to The Wilderness Society.

[ Mystery wild photo ]

If you guessed Gila Wilderness, you’re correct! Gila Wilderness was not only America’s first wilderness, it was the world‘s.


[ 2015 Survey ]

2015 Survey

[ New Congress’ first 100 days: an anti-conservation rampage ]

The last Congress was a mixed bag for conservation, but it ended with a big victory, as Congress protected over 1 million acres of public lands (thanks in large part to the members and supporters of Th


[ Feds finalize wilderness recommendation for Arctic Refuge ]

Tim Woody

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife today finalized the revised management plan issued in January for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

[ Discovering California’s Desert Treasures: Silurian Valley and the Old Spanish Trail ]

Emily Linroth

The Wilderness Society is hosting a free tour of Silurian Valley and environs along the Old Spanish Trail, including Afton Canyon and Zzyzx on Saturday, April 11.

[ 17 unique things to do at our national parks ]

The U.S. is blessed with a national park system that protects some of our most beautiful and unique landscapes—and Americans love it.


[ Feds finalize wilderness recommendation for Arctic Refuge ]

 That document – known as the Comprehensive Conservation Plan – includes a recommendation that Congress designate the fragile coastal plain and other areas of the refuge as wilderness.

[ Obama to expand solar industry while supporting veterans with jobs ]

President Obama announced a new program on April 3 that will advance the fight against climate change while creating thousands of new jobs—largely for veterans.