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[ Study: nature walks reduce stress, make us happier ]

A new study has scientifically proven what so many of us already intuitively know: walks in nature decrease stress and increase mental well-being.


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[ Summit Tackles India’s Sustainable Energy Goals ]

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday, clean energy was on the agenda. A joint editorial from the leaders promised they would discuss ways to “expand affordable renewable energy” in India during the prime minister’s visit, his first official trip to the States.

The word “affordable” is key everywhere, but especially in India, where some 300 million people still lack access to electricity. Certainly coal, which currently accounts for 59 percent of India’s power capacity, will help meet that demand.…

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[ Which public wildlands can I visit with my dog? Answers here ]

It’s often been said that dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs can be great company on the trail, too.


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[ Focus on the Wind Energy Foundation ]

WINDFORCEEach month, the 1thing highlights another great organization helping to make our planet a better place to live. This time, it’s The Wind Energy Foundation. This organization is dedicated to raising public awareness of wind as a clean, domestic energy source through communication, research, and education.

Can you power your car with the wind? That’s just one of the many campaigns and programs the Wind Energy Foundation is currently carrying out, as it focuses on educating decision makers and the general public about the benefits of wind energy.…

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[ 7 can’t-miss wildlife sightings this fall ]

We all know fall offers opportunities to spy gorgeous forest displays as the leaves change color.


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