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[ BLM releases Dinosaur Trail Master Leasing Plan ]

Neil Shader

The following statement on the BLM’s White River RMP Amendment can be attributed to Nada Culver, Senior Director of Agency Policy and Planning for The Wilderness Society.

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[ Conservation in danger again as Congress debates budget ]

The U.S. Senate is debating its fiscal year 2016 budget resolution, a process that will include amendments affecting important programs that support forests, parks and conservation priorities.


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[ Company helps you get rid of junk mail ]

Fed up with all the junk mail that fills up your mailbox? It’s not as easy to get rid of as the junk mail in your email inbox. Often you have to shred items to make sure your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

One company that can help you get off mailing lists is 41lbs, which for $35 will take you off mailing lists for things like credit card offers and catalogs. Of that $35, $10 goes to charity.…

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[ Smart from the start: wind energy done right means a win-win for climate and wildlands ]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is mapping the windiest public lands as it searches for the best places for wind energy development.


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[ Proposed Wind and Solar leasing rules comments ]

Mar 20, 2015

Comments from The Wilderness Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, and others submitted to the Bureau of Land Management regarding proposed rules for leasing land for wind and solar energy projects on federal lands. 


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