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[ Utahns defend Bear Ears against Trump attack ]

Americans only have until May 26 to submit comments concerning President Trump’s infamous “review” of Bears Ears National Monument. Many are already speaking out against the review and in defense of Bears Ears.

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[ Trump’s EPA budget: 5 critical public health programs on the chopping block ]

The Trump administration is trying to dramatically reshape the federal government's environmental budget, threatening our most basic protections.

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[ Sold to the highest bidder: new research shines the spotlight on Utah’s continuing history of state land disposal ]

Michael Reinemer

New research shows that the number of state-owned acres sold to the private sector continues to grow despite the risk that poses to Utah’s $20 billion tourism and outdoor recreation economies, which depend upon access to public lands.

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[ Report: Trump admin already planning to repeal Bears Ears—review a sham? ]

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told some officials in Utah that he will recommend revoking Bears Ears National Monument, suggesting the Trump administration has already made up its mind about the outcome of its so-called “review” of national monuments.

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[ How New Mexico led the nation in cutting methane pollution ]

The American people scored a big victory as the Senate defeated an attempt to roll back the Bureau of Land Management’s Methane Waste Rule on May 10th.


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