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[ Trump opens Arctic Ocean to drilling, despite high risks ]



[ Compost Bins and Rain Barrels Sale This Saturday! ]

compostdtMadison’s Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale is this Saturday May 13th

Have you considered upping your ecology game by adding a rain barrel or compost bin?

There are many benefits to having a compost bin. They include:

>Enriching soil, helping retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests

>Reducing the need for chemical fertilizers

>Encouraging the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi that break down organic matter to create humus, a rich nutrient-filled material

Getting a rain barrel has its benefits as well, including:
>Providing free irrigation for your garden
>Reducing harmful runoff into streams, rivers and lakes.

105-5 Triple M, Mix 105.1 and WOLX are teaming up with Rain Reserve and the City of Madison for their annual Rain Barrel and Compost Bin Sale Saturday May 13th in the Northeast Lot at the Alliant Energy Center.

Click here for more information.


[ Trump will try to open fragile, pristine Arctic Ocean to drilling ]

Tim Woody

President Trump on Friday is expected to sign an executive order directing the Interior Department to lift restrictions that President Barack Obama imposed in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans,


[ MEMO: Trump Expected to Open Arctic Ocean to Drillling Friday ]

Tim Woody

TO: Energy and public lands reporters

FROM: Tim Woody, Alaska Communications Manager, The Wilderness Society, tim_woody@tws.org, 907-223-2443


[ 100 days: 4 worst and 1 good thing Trump has done for the environment ]

Trump has flip-flopped on signature issues, but been consistent about dismantling protections for public health, clean air and clean water.


[ Forests: our places of peace, and so much more ]

rainforestdtDid you know that an acre of rainforest contains up to 86 different tree species, and thousands of amphibians, birds, insects and mammals that depend on them?

Forests are our respite. Our places of peace. Our natural air filters. Our water factories. Our medicine cabinets. We literally can’t live without them.  Despite their immense value, nearly half of the world’s forests have been lost. What’s worse, we’re cutting them down at greater rates each year to plant crops, graze cattle and generate income from timber and other forest products.

No matter where you live, forests make your life possible. When a forest is lost anywhere, people feel it everywhere.

On organization working to save our forests and natural spaces is Conservation International. Their mission is to build upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, Conservation International(CI) empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity.

For nearly three decades, Conservation International has worked to ensure the world’s most important forests are protected for future generations. That work has helped to place nearly 40 million hectares (nearly 99 million acres) of forests under protection.

Click here to find out how you can help.


[ Under Trump, BLM changes its flickr focus to fossil fuel ]

After years of sharing photos that show the best of American lands, the BLM now apparently sees these places in terms of the polluting resources that can be drilled, dug or blasted from beneath their surface.


[ “Tierras fronterizas en la mira” ofrece una visita virtual en español a la frontera entre los U.S. y México ]

Kate Mackay

Una historia envolvente que combina fotos y datos científicos para resaltar la peligrosa realidad de la región



[ Wilderness Society decries Trump order to “review” parks and national monuments ]

Michael Reinemer

The order demands that the Department of the Interior review more than 20 additional monuments created by the Antiquities Act—by both Democrat and Republican presidents—since 1996.


[ As a non-political scientist I don’t march – until now ]

Something changed during the first several weeks of Trump’s presidency. Science was under attack, and this was not okay.