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[ Protecting Wisconsin’s Rivers ]

wisriverdtWisconsin has more than 84,000 miles of rivers. What are we doing to protect them?

One organization in Wisconsin is doing a lot. The Rivers Alliance of Wisconsin is celebrating 25 years of empowering people to protect and restore Wisconsin’s waters. Membership includes over 2,000 individuals and businesses and more than 80 local watershed groups.

There’s plenty for them to work on. The list of issues includes keeping aquatic species out of our rivers, protecting groundwater, fighting back against efforts to allow toxic mining pollution into our rivers, and keeping runoff from out of rivers that may come from factories, farms, sewage treatment plants or urban areas.

The Alliance also works with 80 watershed groups throughout the state. The Local Groups Program helps Wisconsin’s river and watershed groups organize in their communities, and provides them the tools and training to be effective.

You can join the Alliance for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the Barrymore Theater Wednesday, March 21st, with a VIP party option available.

Click here to connect with the Rivers Alliance.

Above photo of the Wisconsin River in Portage by Jason P. Ross, Dreamstime.com.