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Compost Bin/Rain Barrel Sale

Saturday May 12th @ 10:00am - 2:00pm

The city of Madison’s annual Compost and Rain Barrel Sale will be held this Saturday, May 12th at the Alliant Energy Center, North Lot, from 10am-2pm. Enter on Olin Avenue.

“Individual efforts to capture and conserve water, compost street-gutter leaves are important steps in saving our lakes from phosphorus runoff and preventing algae.” said Madison Sustainability Manager Jeanne Hoffman. “It only one pound of phosphorus to create as much as 500 pounds of algae.”

Rain barrels provide an eco one-two punch! Rainwater harvesting for your plants saves money and reduces stormwater run-off into local waterways. Compost bins help you create nutrient rich soil by turning yard waste and food scraps into organic fuel for the garden.

Paul Dearlove, Watershed Program Director from the Clean Lakes Alliance, encourages community-wide action to help clean and protect our drinking water aquifers. “We as residents can and should help by playing an active role, and that includes simple actions of sustainability we can take on our own properties. Consider setting an example by raking fall leaves out of the street gutter and placing them in a composter, soaking up storm runoff with a beautiful rain garden, and attaching a rain barrel to your roof downspout.”

You can choose a 50 or 100 gallon rain barrel with diverter, or a 65 gallon compost bin.

More info here.