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[1THING] Blog: Archive for July, 2012

[ As Squeeze Tightens on Iran, Fuel Prices—for Now—Reflect Calm ]

Iran faces mounting pressure over its nuclear program at a time of bountiful oil supply and weak demand. But how long can low gas prices last?


[ Formula One Legend Murray Sets Course for Energy-Efficient Car Design ]

Gordon Murray designed some of the fastest, sleekest race cars in history. He’s now tackling a greater challenge: crafting lightweight, efficient autos for the masses.


[ Nuclear Restart Generates Power, Protest in Japan ]

Japan’s restart of one of its nuclear power plants rouses an unusual display of public discontent, but the energy-short nation faces no easy choices in the wake of Fukushima.


[ Sizing Up Wind Energy: Bigger Means Greener, Study Says ]

Larger wind turbines have a smaller carbon footprint, a European study finds. But practical limitations and local rules could place a ceiling on size.


[ Coal Power Loses Its Luster in India as Costs Rise ]

India’s coal-fired power expansion plans are faltering, not over environmental concerns but due to new high costs. Some 50 projects face default.


[ BP Oil Spill’s Sticky Remnants Wash Up Sporadically On Gulf Beaches ]

Tar balls from the worst oil spill in U.S. history continue to soil the Gulf Coast two years later, although at irregular intervals. Scientists say the tiny fragments hold clues for future understanding.


[ While Rare-Earth Trade Dispute Heats Up, Scientists Seek Alternatives ]

While nations clash with China to ease its monopoly over the rare-earth minerals critical to energy technology, scientists hunt for other options.


[ With Gas Prices High, U.S. Refinery Closures Hit Workers and Drivers ]

The economic pain of U.S. East Coast refinery closures may spread beyond job losses. Already high gas prices could climb still higher as summer approaches.


[ Growing Food Demand Strains Energy, Water Supplies ]

In western India and around the world, agricultural growth is being stoked by unsustainable irrigation practices that sap aquifers and require huge amounts of energy.


[ Delhi Offers Cleaner Auto Rickshaws, but Residents Choose Cars ]

In India’s clogged cities, some view auto rickshaws—motorized three-wheelers—as a solution to pollution and congestion. But these “tuk tuks” struggle to compete with the allure of car ownership.